Grisel Maranon

Portfolio Info

This is a portfolio comprised of all the work I have done since starting my career in art up until now. In this portfolio works that deal with a variety of themes and issues can be found. Themes included here are inequality, identity, gender, and routine. In this very page are featured some works about the artist and themes of self expression and exploration of identity. One of the many issues of interest to the artists is social justice and this is explored through figure drawings manyly in black and white charcoal.

The artist has explored in a wide range of mediums from charcoal to video. Mediums included in this portfolio are charcoal, pastel, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, photography, digital mediums, and animation/video.Animation is one of the more recent mediums the artist has begun to explore and create in. However some common themes remain, such as gender roles, family, and every day life as the artist sees it.

the first of the three works below is many self portraits depicting internal conflict and frustration with self. The second was an exploration of objects and the human figure. another self portrait that takes on the colors and textures of a can of soda. the final one explores perspectives attempting to elavate ones status through perspective in a drawing. An exploration on interesting perspectives.